What I’m getting my friends for the holidays

I view gifts as an opportunity to get someone something they may not think to spend/splurge for themselves, often times these are something yummy that they’ll hopefully love and use often. As a consumer, it’s also important for me to support small businesses with my holiday spending dollars — you’ll also see that many of these are BIPOC women-founded (!!).

Maybe you’ll see something in here that’s perfect for someone on your list (or yourself!). All sites are linked, just tap on the titles down below (yes I know my blog UI can use some enhancements, maybe after the holidays).

I also love the idea of pairing a few of the smaller items on the list together to create a gifting set from multiple brands.

A. Kola Goodies Sri Lankan Milk Tea ($25)

I was gifted some of this milk tea when it launched and it’s been such a delight to have in the mornings or early afternoon. I can’t wait to share this with more friends!

B. Fly by Jing sauces ($15-45)

I typically get my friends (and parents) the Sichuan Chili Crisp and the Zhong Sauce, which are the two I personally use most often. They also have a 3-pack that includes their Mala Spice Mix.

C. Diaspora Co. x Just Date Syrup Chai Caramel ($18)

I ordered this one so fast — I knew just the people on my list who would absolutely love this.

D. Omsom starters ($29-89)

The Omsom bundle has their Southeast Asian and East Asian starters (they also have a mega bundle which has all of their starters). Last year when they only had the Southeast Asian starter pack, I got a bunch of friends that one. I still think the starter packs (choose between Southeast Asian or East Asian) are a great place to start as a gift.

E. EssieSpice Mekko Dry Rub ($10)

I love this dry rub! I use it for seasoning on seafood all the time and it’s a great way to spruce up an easy din. They also have a gift set that has all of their sauces in a beautiful box.

F. Nguyen Coffee Supply coffee beans ($15)

Unfortunately they don’t have decaf so I haven’t been able to try this one myself yet. I’ve heard amazing things and can’t wait for my non-caffeine-weakling friends to enjoy this!

G. Material Kitchen ReBoard ($30)

These boards are so stinking cute and made from kitchen plastic scraps and sugarcane (sustainability wheeee). If you purchase certain colors, 50% of the profit also goes to Heart of Dinner or Drive Change, organizations that give back to the community

H. East Fork Pottery Everyday Bowl ($38)

I’ve gifted this bowl to both my parents and friends in the past and this bowl is just the perfect shape and size for so many different things. I love gifting ceramics because they’re typically more splurge-y items and I love the idea of helping someone build/start their collection of ceramics. Also, I swear meals just taste better when they’re served in bowls you love.

I. Ferm Living Ripple Glasses ($55)

These are so cute and I want these for myself. Similar to bowl, fancy glassware is something I think everyone can use more of but that not everyone thinks to spend the money for to get for themselves. Pro tip: get them from the MOMA design store online shop and you’ll save yourself $20 on shipping! Everything from their morning matcha to afternoon cocktail is going to feel just that just more special.

J. Haus apertifs ($40)

IMO this is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys nice cocktails but isn’t that person with a full bar set up at home who’ll make fancy cocktails for fun on a Tuesday night.

K. Alder & Loom candles ($10-15)

I love getting a few of the smaller tins of these soy candles to tack on to presents!

L. Wing on Wo & Co. spoons ($3.50-15)

These hand-painted spoons are another thing on the list I think I’ll get myself. A set of these would also pair beautifully with a few of their items like these hand-painted wine cups and chopsticks from Pearl River Mart.